Pricing and Features

Pricing and FeaturesCogniConference™National Average
Cost Per Leg (from Continental U.S.) 9.9¢/min 25.0¢/min
Cost Per Leg (from Canada) 24.5¢/min Not Available
Number of Legs 16 legs 6 legs
On the fly conference ability YES NO
Scheduled conference ability YES YES
Programmable Host Password that is the only one that can start a conference YES NO
Programmable Participant Password that allows people to join particular conferences YES NO
Easy to use telephony interface YES NO
Easy to use web interface YES NO
No operator required YES NO
Monthly Fee $0.00 $15/month
Per conference fee $0.00 $5.95
Automatic Credit Card Payment Method YES NO
Credit Card Payment ONLY YES NO


Web Account Features

  • 16 simultaneous conference legs
  • Canada and USA toll free access
  • Personalized account administration web site
  • Schedule, monitor, and cancel conferences with email notification to participants
  • On-line invoices
  • Raw call detail report
  • Profile management
  • Payment history
  • Web enabled customer service


Call charges that compute to less than one cent will be rounded up to the nearest cent.